next show: Dec 6th @ about 5pm

Hey everyone,

which one's the dummy?

which one's the dummy?

We’ve been on a bit of a hiatus due to vacations and sens performance depression but the prozac is kicking in and we’re back at it this Saturday, Dec 6th. We’re doing things a bit differently for this week. The RokPig and I are taking the shuttle to the game and hanging out in the Philthy McNasty private box for the game (might some tix left if you want to join us and hang with the cool people).

We’ll be filming in the shuttle on the way there and back and then doing our show at Philthy’s after the game. We might even get lucky and have the Sensquatch join us for the trip. As always, we’ll be punishing the Nasty Dummy at the end of the show so come out and see who the dummy is this week and what we’re doing to him (feel free to leave us suggestions in the comments).

I hope you can join us. Lastly, don’t forget to leave some questions and comments or the Rokpig and his secret Nasty Girl to read on air. If you give us something to share on air and show up for the show, I’ll buy you a beer. Heck of a deal I think!

C U tomorrow

Allan “cut!!!” Isfan


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