IIHF World Junior Hockey Championships & Interview with Hockey Volunteer

On Friday, Jan 2, we shot a special episode of the Nasty Hockey Show. We covered the World Junior Championships with Liam Maguire and a special interview with Adam Sterlip who’s mission is to travel to remote parts of the world and share the joy and virtues of hockey (selflessness, teamwork, loyalty, honesty …).

Adam is an amazing individual having worked with the Islanders on the Project Hope initiative and is now on his own. He is heading to the Kashmir region of India on Jan 12 and he needs our financial help. Not only is he teaching kids about hockey but he is also going to help the village, teach children English. I’m convinced all involved will remember this forever. He is still short of money and needs our help. Check out our audio interview with him (third segment of the show) and check out his website http://hockeyvolunteer.blogspot.com/. Please be generous and help him out financially. It is very easy. To sweeten the pot, I’ll match your contributions up to a total of $200. Just leave a comment on our blog https://nastyhockeyshow.wordpress.com with what you have donated.


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