Upcoming Hockey Day in Canada show

the sensquatch waves the sens flag

the sensquatch waves the sens flag

G’day folks,

Next Show Taping: Feb 21 at about 5:30

After a short hiatus, we’ll be back at Philthy McNasty’s in Kanata on Feb 21 to shoot a very special show with our guest, Liam Maguire. We’ll be starting as soon as the Sens game is done (around 5:30) so come on out and join us for the last period. If you put in a comment on the blog (trivia question or something you want us to talk about), we’ll buy you a beer … it is that simple.

Hockey Day in Canada

The show is a special one as it will be celebrating Hockey Day in Canada. This event was first broadcast by the CBC in mid-Feb. 2000. The idea was quite simple. Set aside one day where all 6 Canadian teams play against each other. The brass at CBC also decided it would be a good PR move if they could connect with the community. Obviously not the same folks who decided it was too costly to keep the “Hockey Night In Canada” song…again, I digress. Anyway, the connection would be that if you could prove you had the biggest hockey heart of any other community in Canada the CBC would give you some cash…as well, the whole day would be broadcast from there….Excellent idea!!!

So here we are entering our 8th Hockey Day in Canada…this is quickly growing into another branch of the Canadian Hockey Family Tree!! You gotta love it!!! Ummm…for those of you that are good in math and can’t understand why we are only going into our 8th HDIC it’s because 2005 was canceled due to the player’s lockout.

So anyway, this is a full day of showing grass-roots hockey…pond-hockey…street hockey…current members of the hockey hall-of-fame, etc. All in the spirit of Canadian’s enjoying hockey! Don Cherry and Ron MacLean have a full schedule as they meet the fans and find out what makes their hockey minds click. This year the winning community is Campbellton, New Brunswick and that’s where Ron and Don will be on Feb 21st.

This year’s line-up will be a must-see as the 6 Canadian teams will face-off against each other. Ottawa will be in Montreal; Vancouver will be in Toronto; and Calgary will visit Edmonton (always a great game!!!!) Of course there are other games involved that day…13 games in all that will begin at 1:00pm with Pittsburgh in Philadelphia (a Pennsylvania must-see) and finishing with the classic Calgary vs Edmonton at 10:00pm. Oh yeah…and my Bruins will be busting into Florida to beat the crap out of the Panthers at 7:00pm.

Hope to see you at Philthy’s…there will be prizes all day and tons of hockey to keep you energized!!! Don’t forget, leave us a comment (questions, topics to discuss …)( and you get a beer (if you show up of course).

The Rokpig & Allan “cut it!” Isfan


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