Stunning display of hockey trivia

Hockey Day In Canada

This is a special edition of the show for Hockey Day In Canada. Since we had Liam Maguire join us, we focused on lots of trivia. I promise, you’ll be amazed by the awesome questions that came in and Liam’s insane trivia skill.

For example, do you know the answer to this question off the top of your head?:

“41 NHL players have scored over 500 goals in their career. One unlucky goal tender has had the distinct honor of having given up not two but three 500 goals. Who is that goalie AND who are the three players that scored their 500th goal on him?”

Impossible question! Watch the show to see if Liam has the right answer and see some of the other impossible questions thrown at him.

Fighting in Hockey, Shootouts and More

Also check out what the boys think about fighting as well as shoot outs and find out who the Nasty Dummy of the week is. Sometimes the Rokpig and Liam agree and sometimes they don’t.

If you like the show, please tell your friends!


Allan & Rokpig
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